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Hello! My name is Fei Fei and I am a Ryerson School of Fashion graduate who has a passion for fashion, design, knowledge, and challenges. I am a hardworking individual that wants to help drive the business further, bring fourth a motivated attitude and skills. I have competed in Miss Asia Canada and won the 1st Runner Up National title of Miss Asia Canada 2016 and dedication award. I have also travelled to South Korea to compete in Miss Supertalent of the World representing Miss Supertalent Hong Kong in 2016.

I am a very well rounded person who has many skills to offer such as communication skills, being able to work in a fast pace environment, well-organized and a hard worker. I am an extremely fast learner and am able to develop new skills very quickly. I do my 120% best in any type of work at any given time. Given my skills and experiences, I can confidently say that my customer service is beyond amazing. I enjoy working with customers and being able to interact with them. I have very good people skills and am very detail oriented! I ensure you if you are able to give me a chance with this job, I definitely will not let you down; I take my job and tasks very seriously and I am dedicated to learn and challenge new things.



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